SMS Text Message Marketing: The Best Way for Automotive Businesses to Grow Quickly

Are you looking for a reliable marketing channel to quickly grow your automotive business?

SMS text message marketing might be the right choice. Here’s how it helps your business:

  • Reach your target audience promptly with instant message delivery.
  • Target a wide audience to generate more leads. About 97% of Americans have a mobile phone. So, if you’ve been looking for how to grow your automotive audience, SMS marketing can help!
  • Engage customers with real-time communication. An automated process allows you to reply immediately when a customer texts you.

SMS text message marketing is an increasingly growing trend— for good reasons!

Text Marketing Has High Open and Conversion Rates

SMS is effective when it comes to open rates and engagement. It outperforms popular marketing channels like email according to marketing statistics.

Unmatched open rates

As per SMS Comparison‘s research, the average open rate for SMS is 98%, very close to 100%. This number is impressive compared to the average email open rate of approximately 20%. That is, if you send an SMS, chances are that only 2% of your subscribers won’t see it. For an email, it’s 80%.
Typically, marketing campaigns do not necessarily fail because of a weak offer. Sometimes, the message would have converted prospects, but it ended up in the junk box. The impressive 98% open rate of SMS proves almost everyone on your contact list will see your message.

Incredible conversion rates

Even if you are not impressed with high open rates, text marketing has an incredibly high conversion rate which is impossible to ignore.

  • SMS conversion rate can be as high as 45% (Salesforce).
  • Text message marketing has eight times higher response rates than email (Retaildrive).
  • Over 60% of customers read new text messages within 5 minutes (G2)
  • It only takes 90 seconds for someone to answer an SMS compared to 90 minutes for an email (Business2Community).

These statistics show customers engage with text messages faster than most other marketing channels. Sky-high open rates, fast responses from customers, and high conversion rates of SMS can offer an opportunity to drive sales and scale your automotive business.

“I finally feel like I finally feel like I’m marketing in the future with

Sara, New England Automotive Business


Instant Delivery Makes SMS One of the Fastest Marketing Channels Available

Striving in today’s cut-throat competition using slow marketing channels is difficult. If the competition reaches your target audience faster than you do, you risk losing business.
SMS marketing’s instant delivery enables reaching your audience quickly. Using a reliable platform, you deliver text messages directly to your prospect within seconds. This makes text marketing suitable for time-sensitive promotions like:

  • Early access to a product launch
  • Critical updates about a product or order
  • Limited-time automotive sales

SMS gives you a competitive edge. It enables delivering messages lightning-fast in a highly competitive marketplace.

SMS is Uniquely Personal

SMS allows you to connect with people more intimately than most marketing methods. Think about it. Nearly all your customers own mobile phones, and it’s probably the first thing they check when they wake up.
The point? Your customers have an intimate relationship with their mobile gadgets. That’s why SMS marketing is so important. It helps you reach your prospects where they spend quality time— on their phones. According to Statista, Americans spend an average of five to six hours on their phone daily, excluding work-related use.
Furthermore, about 54% of customers want to receive promotional content via SMS. So, if your automotive business isn’t texting customers, you could miss out on converting a massive part of your target audience.

SMS Text Message Marketing: A Simple and Affordable Way to Grow Your Business

Compared to other media, SMS text messages are dirt cheap to send. Social media monthly ad spend can be as high as $15,000. With TV, you spend on cable channels, ad agencies, and creatives—the expenses can add up quickly.
Meanwhile, direct mail marketing costs approximately $600 per thousand pieces. If you use print media, you are helping keep magazines and newspapers alive by digging deep into your pocket.
We are not saying you ditch these marketing channels for SMS. We are saying SMS costs way less than most of them, making it affordable to infuse it into your current campaign.
Executing it is simple because it doesn’t require much content or heavy technical resources. Just choose a reliable text marketing platform like Then, implement the following best practices to optimize your marketing campaign:

  • Get customer consent: Before texting your target audience, you need express permission to show them that you respect their privacy. The permission is not just for engagement purposes but also to prevent legal issues. Collecting consent for compliance is easy. One way to achieve that is to add a phone number field in your newsletter subscription web form.
  • Keep your SMS concise: Ensure your messages are simple, short, clear, and highly relevant to your audience. Don’t use jargon that might confuse the receiver. Additionally, include a compelling call to action to persuade people to act.
  • Send personalized text messages: How to nurture cold leads using SMS? Customize your content based on customers’ interests, preferences, purchase history, income, and other relevant data. This ensures your SMS resonates with your audience’s needs and pain points.
  • Send your message at the right time: Generally, people check their mobile phones frequently. But that doesn’t mean you can text customers at any time. Timeliness is key. To get the timing right, run tests for open or click-through rates. The test helps you identify when people are most receptive to your messages.

Scale Your Automotive Business with SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing benefits you in many ways, including:

  • Helping deliver personalized messages instantly: SMS comes with immediate deliverability. This can help you reach your audience before your competitors.
  • Having high conversion rates to drive sales: Mobile users respond to SMS more than popular marketing channels like email. This is a great opportunity to convert more leads into paying customers.
  • Saving your money: SMS marketing is more cost-effective than TV, social media, and print media channels. This makes it suitable for small to midsize businesses looking to grow.
  • Easy to implement: It’s simple to set up and manage. It doesn’t rely on complicated technical resources or heavy investment in creatives.

At, we provide you with a reliable text marketing platform. With our technology, you enjoy high SMS deliverability and a powerful analytics dashboard for optimizing your campaign. Our affordable monthly plans make our platform suitable for growing businesses on a budget. Sign up to get started with SMS text message marketing and take your business to the next level.

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