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Education business owners need a cost-effective method to market their business.SMS marketing is one of the most effective methods to reach out to potential customers and grow your business. understands that education business owners need SMS text message marketing as much as any other business. We have the experience and expertise to help you use this powerful tool effectively to grow your company. Let us get you started.

Defining SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is using text messages to help advertise and grow your business. A message can contain text, photos, videos, and other media to help market your business. Texts with additional media capabilities give you more options and better branding opportunities for your education business as compared to simple text messages.
This form of digital marketing lets you reach out to potential customers on their phones, which is where most people spend a great deal of time. In fact, according to a study from the Pew Research Center, those who text send and receive an average of 41.5 text messages per day. Millions of texts are sent daily, and your education business can benefit from this marketing opportunity.

Reasons Why SMS Text Marketing Is the Best Way To Grow

At, we are extremely familiar with the benefits of SMS marketing for a wide range of businesses. Our analytics and KPI dashboard give you access to real-time data that demonstrates your marketing campaign’s effectiveness and informs your future moves. Here are just some of the reasons why SMS text marketing can help your education business.

1. Direct Messaging Capabilities

SMS text messages reach your potential customers where they are anyway—on their cell phones. This direct communication with your customers is invaluable because you know it will reach them. Unlike many other marketing methods, text messages are sent directly to those you want to reach.
You may ask, “How can I text my clients without giving them my cell phone?” You can use an automated process that reaches out to your clients through our system without ever directly texting from your phone. This direct communication increases the chances a customer will read the text message and is more likely to prompt a direct response. It also lets the customer decide whether they want to receive regular updates or communications from your business, contributing to a lasting brand loyalty that is crucial for your business’s success.

2. Higher Conversion Rate Compared to Other Marketing Methods

SMS text marketing has a very high conversion rate for potential customers. More customers respond via text messages than most other marketing channels. Why is this conversion rate so high compared to other methods? One reason is that text message marketing is simple and easy to use for the customer. They simply read the text, click a link, and engage quickly with a business.
Text messages are short by design, encouraging a strong call to action. Most messages are about 160 characters long, so the prospective customer can scan them quickly. This easy readability and direct call to action encourage customers to engage with your education business—driving intake and retention.

3. Customization and Personalization

Text messages are personal and direct. They are delivered directly to your customer and can be tailored to your specific client’s needs. They typically use friendly and casual language to reach out and encourage further action. Text message marketing often feels like you are speaking to a friend rather than delivering an advertisement.
This type of customization makes it easy to personalize your approach to education customers and clients. You can even customize text messages to specific subsets of clients or particular clients to further personalize your marketing approach.

4. Flexible Message Types

SMS text marketing also lets you focus on the message type you want to send. For example, there is a difference between promotional messages and transactional messages. Promotional messages inform customers about upcoming promotions, sales, new products, and other special events. They encourage further action and new business.
Transactional messages work with new and existing customers. These include messages used for two-step authentication, password resets, order confirmations, and shipping updates. These messages focus less on advertising and more on facilitating the current customer relationship. Both message types are critical parts of the customer experience, and SMS text messaging is flexible in how you approach your customer.

“I love being able to communicate curriculum updates, grade posts and changes to schedules to all my students with one push of a button.

Tracy, Educator


5. Brand Awareness

SMS education marketing makes it simple to increase your brand awareness. Text messaging is one of the easiest ways to interact with and engage customers throughout the buying process.
Consistent text messages create a sense of loyalty and familiarity with your clients. They demonstrate excellent customer service for your entire contact list, making customers feel heard and understood.

Why SMS Text Messaging Is Seeing Expedited Growth in 2023

2023 marketing trends show the effectiveness of SMS marketing. Text marketing continues to be a powerful tool to reach your target audience. One study found that 54% of customers prefer marketing promotions via SMS text messaging over other options, as they find it more trustworthy than other tools such as email. Customers continue to respond better to text messages than emails, showing a clear preference.
Customers also expect quick responses and resolutions to their inquiries. This trend continues to be true in 2023. Text messaging makes it easy to respond quickly and communicate effectively with education customers through your marketing campaign.

Start Your SMS Text Message Marketing With

SMS text messaging lets you control how you market your education business effectively. You can learn how to market courses using SMS and reach the clients you want. has the experience needed to help you reach customers but stay in compliance with applicable privacy laws. We help education companies just like yours increase brand awareness and client intake through text message marketing. will help you lower marketing costs while increasing your effectiveness, you can book time with our team to learn more today!

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